Trailers in Columbus Ohio | Concession Vending Trailers | Enclosed Cargo Trailers and Custom Race Trailers in Columbus OH

If you are looking for a company that not only sells trailers, but can also design and install equipment to make that trailer fit your business or personal needs, than look no further! OTS has been doing just that for 30 years! Most dealers sell you a trailer and after that you are on your own! We service your needs from inception to completion. Whether a RACE Trailer, WORK Trailer, CONCESSION Trailer or any other type of trailer you need, we can help. Our fabrication shop works with steel, aluminum and stainless. We have the equipment to fabricate and install aluminum cabinets, lifts, windows, awnings, wheel welds, axles, lighting, ladder racks, jacks, tool boxes, water systems and anything else that would fit in a trailer. We sell the parts to repair or update your trailer. Call us today and get the answers you have been looking for!

We Repair Trailers:
Our technicians have years of experience in trailer repair. From axle replacement to frame repair, we can help you get back on the road! Looking at buying a used trailer? Let our staff look over the trailer prior to purchase so we can advise you about any cost needed to make sure your safe on the road. Whether HORSE trailers, CARGO trailers, BOAT trailers or WORK trailers, we’ll keep you on the road SAFE and SECURE.